Teknik Özellikler

Drawing of bogie frameGY – B.
Gauge1 435 mm
Wheel base1 800 mm
Tare weight4000 %3 kg
Height of Pivot center from top of the rail at 20 t wagon weight925 mm (+2/-4)
Size of transverse clearances in axle guide stays2 x 10 mm
Specific bogie suspension for the axle loadUp to 6,63 t = 2,45 mm/t
Maximum running speedAbove 6,63 t = 0,93 mm/t
Maximum axle load120 km/h
Wheel diameter max/min22,5 t
Range of outdoor air temperaturesØ 920 and Ø 840 mm


Axle typeBA 002
Wheels typeBA 004 – 314 – 318
Axle roller bearingWJ/WJP 130×240
Axle box typeBA 182
Maximum cant deficiency130 mm
Range of distances between bogie pivot or range of wheel base of two axle unit6.5 m – 20 m
Maximum height of centre of gravity of empty unit1500 mm
Rail inclination1:20 , 1: 30 , 1:40
Minimum tare of the unit4.0 t/axle
Maximum mass distribution coefficien for emty unit0,55
Maximum moment of inertia aroun vertical axis5160 kgm2


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